Guests of The Zuri Pet Spa & Resort must create a client account and acknowledge our waivers and agreements in advance of their pet’s stay with us.

All dogs must be at least 16 weeks of age or older and vaccinated accordingly.

Intact females not in heat are welcome to visit and play with us. Well-socialized, non-aggressive intact males 6 months of age or older may, at our management’s discretion, be permitted to participate in our playgroups until which time their safety or that of other pets becomes a concern.

To help ensure the healthiest pet resort environment possible, all guest dogs must have the following up-to-date vaccinations in the absence of a vet’s waiver or titer:

  • DHLPP or DAPP (distemper and parvo)
  • Bordetella (within the past 6 months)
  • Rabies (required for all dogs over 4 months old)

Guest dogs must be in generally good physical health. The Zuri Pet Spa & Resort is an environment best suited for social, active, non-aggressive dogs. In order to maintain a safe resort environment, we will use our discretion to separate misbehaving dogs from our playrooms, and will notify pet parents whenever a pet must be excluded from playgroup for the remainder of his / her visit.

A vet’s skilled watchfulness is advised for debilitated, infirm pets of any age who require overnight / extended lodging. Our facility is not equipped or staffed to provide the kind of immediate, specialized care that many geriatric, crippled or chronically ill pets require. Upon evaluating any pet’s health issue(s), we may choose to refuse any spa or resort service and refer you to an alternative, qualified pet care option.

Bringing your pet’s own meals from home is recommended when they visit The Zuri Pet Spa & Resort, to avoid any digestive upset that may be caused when introducing them to a new, unfamiliar food.

Please pre-package accurately measured, individual meals for your pet (we will accept and can store dry, canned, fresh and frozen meals). Include any instructions we may need to prepare your pet’s meals. ‘Free Feeding’ pets must be provided 3 individual meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

Guest are strongly encouraged to participate in our complimentary day or daycare, which is extended to all new pets meeting our vaccination requirements. This provides our staff an opportunity to meet your pet and introduce them into an appropriate playgroup. Remember, guest pets should be social, active and familiar with off leash play settings.

While our staff is happy to administer medications to your dog, The Zuri Pet Spa & Resort does not accept pets that require specialized medical treatment and care (i.e. intravenous fluids, surgical drains, bandage changes, suture removal, injections, assisted walks, etc.)


  • Individually packaged meals in accurate feeding amounts
  • Medications in their original / prescription containers, with clearly marked instructions

We provide a raised bed for your dog’s comfort along with comfy blankets.


  • Feeding / drinking bowls (*with the exception of ‘slow feeder’ bowls and raised feeding stands)
  • Toys—these can pose a choking hazard to pets and require constant supervision when being played with
    Beds or Blankets—we provide comfy, cot-style beds and all the clean, warm blankets your pet(s) will need during their visit

Monday – Friday 6:30am-7:00pm
Saturday & Sunday—8:00am-6:00pm
The Zuri Pet Spa & Resort is CLOSED on all major holidays.