The Zuri Pet Spa & Resort provides your dog with a safe and fun outlet to socialize with canine friends under the supervision of highly-trained staff. Our team consistently delivers fun and enriching activities to our pet guests. We’re confident you and your dog will love The Zuri Pet Spa & Resort’s doggie daycare program.

Your pup will enjoy a day of fun with their friends in our luxurious, spacious playrooms. We offer full and half days of daycare, and a complimentary daycare day for new clients. Enjoy watching your pup play via our live cameras. Daycare packages are available as well.

Call Zuri (949) 429-7222 for more information and to make a Reservation today!

Top Reasons For Dog Daycare

  • Your dog may get lonely at home all by themselves. Some dogs don’t like this alone time and need the company of other dogs. In Zuri daycare, you dog gets all the attention and playtime with other dogs that they need. Plus it’s great for socialization!
  • Zuri Daycare staff are trained and have experience in interpreting dog body language and ensure that your pup is safe and comfortable.
  • Doggie daycare will provide a day of much needed exercise and stimulation.
  • Private play is available for dogs with special needs.
  • Outdoor walks are also available.

Chauffeur services available for your pet to and from home.

Holiday Hours:

Our office is closed for daycare, drop-off, and pick-up on all major holidays, including:

  • Easter Sunday
  • July Fourth
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day
  • New Year’s Day