Dogs Need Vacation Too

Whenever you’re vacationing or just away at work for the day, you should be able to relax knowing your dog is enjoying the benefits of socialization and exercise, while receiving the best possible care. At The Zuri Pet Spa & Resort, this means plenty of supervised playtime and genuine affection from our friendly and highly-trained staff, as well as the proper amount of rest in our comfortable, private accommodations.

We’re extremely proud of our beautiful facility and its amenities, but even more proud of the level of care our staff provides our guests. When you’re traveling or just away for the day, give your dog a well-deserved, fun stay at our resort!

Our luxurious Villas offer a home setting to ensure the most relaxing stay. The Zuri Pet Spa Dog boarding includes Daycare and there is no extra charge to keep your pet until closing on day of pick up. Parents can watch their pups in play via our live camerasWe provide overnight staff to ensure the best care possible for all our furry clients.

Our Dog Boarding Amenities Include:

  • Private indoor, climate-controlled rooms with raised dog beds and comfortable blankets.
  • An all-inclusive daily schedule of exercise playtime, rest, relaxation, and healthy nourishment.
    • Our indoor play yards customized for the size of your dog. Equipped with toys, tunnels and artificial grass.
  • Both AM and PM room service, including custom meals, room cleaning, and TLC.
  • Daily Wellness checks to ensure your dog receives the attention and care they deserve.
  • Family sized suites for dogs of the same family.
  • Overnight staff onsite for 24/7 care

Call Zuri (949) 429-7222 for more information and to make a Reservation today!

**Laundry service available to clean your pet’s bed and blankets.

Chauffeur service to and from their home.

Holiday Hours:

Our office is closed for daycare, drop-off, and pick-up on all major holidays, including:

  • Easter Sunday
  • July Fourth
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day
  • New Year’s Day