Zuri Dog Grooming Services

At The Zuri Pet Spa & Resort, your dog is pampered with our state of the art Prima bath system. Our experienced and professional groomers will gladly accommodate your requests. Our Doggie Spa offers services such as Spa Bath, Mud Baths, & full body haircuts. Included in these services are blueberry facials, nail trimming, & ear cleaning. We have been voted#1 Groomer several years in a row. Your Pup will leave our Spa looking and feeling their best!

Pricing for grooming ranges depending on the request, size and breed type of your pet.

All grooming services include:

  • Bath
  • Nail Trim
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Brush & Blowout
  • Additional services available on request.

We offer many ways to save on your grooming including 10% off for monthly grooms, 15% off for bi-weekly grooms and 20% off weekly.

Call Zuri (949) 429-7222 for more information and to make a Reservation today!

Benefits to Regular Bathing and Dog Grooming Care

  • A regularly bathed and brushed dog has a healthier skin and coat
  • Extra hair on a dog can mat and produce skin problems
  • Most dogs shed less when they are on a regular grooming and bathing schedule
  • Periodic nail trimming is safer for your pet and also easier on your homes flooring
  • It can be difficult to really clean your dog’s ears, but we know how to do it safely and properly
  • Our Zuri Pet Groomers’ are trained to help spot potential health risks such as skin irregularities before they become major health problems

Chauffeur services available for your pet to and from home.